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Eli Fried

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My interest in money started at age 13 when I received 100 shares in Citibank as a Bar Mitzvah gift from my grandfather.

By age 19, I opened my first brokerage account.

In the journey that followed, I discovered real estate, weathered market crashes, and began my financial consulting services.

Today, I focus on helping institutional investors design and oversee complex portfolios.

But, I’ve always left some time on the side for my passion: helping families navigate the complexities of funding a heimish lifestyle so they can thrive financially and discover wealth.

With Gelt Guide, I share tips, tricks, and guidance on budgeting, planning, investing, tax minimization, and home-buying, with a little sprinkling of hashkafic nuggets that my clients and I have learned along the way, so you too can enjoy a life of osher v’osher- prosperity, and pleasure.

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