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Eli Fried.

Eli Fried

I help frum families maximize their money and

build wealth.

Let’s face it: Money is a significant part of our lives.

It affects our opportunities, influences many of our decisions, and determines our lifestyle options.

Often, people become obsessive, doing anything for another penny, chasing a never-ending dream of wealth. Others will scorn all materialistic pursuits, embracing deliberate poverty. 

Gelt Guide is about balance.

…because the Torah’s view on money and wealth is about balance.

We accept the blessings we’re given and maximize them effectively, so we can take care of our families, give charity, and live life to its fullest.

With GeltGuide, I will teach you to earn the money you deserve, invest the money you have, and make the best financial plans for future expenses and windfalls.

Discover how.

GeltGuide offers you

four ways

to become a gelt pro.


In my articles, I share with you tips and tools for financial success and answers to pressing questions that people have asked along a broad range of money-related topics. 
Whether it’s advice on managing debt, understanding investment options, or planning for a comfortable retirement, you’ll find an answer to your question too.

Every week, I send out a newsletter filled with valuable insights and practical guidance to help keep your finances grounded, along with the latest financial news so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing financial landscape.



(coming soon)

Stay tuned for my upcoming courses designed to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills to help you thrive financially. 

Topics will include:

  • Money in the first year of marriage
  • Financial Planning A-Z
  • Sound Investments 101
  • All About Buying a Home

Risk-free, for a 15% discount.

Tune in to the Parnassah Podcast.

With this podcast, I will offer a broader lens focus on Parnassah challenges, solutions, and personalities.

I’ll also include tachlis tips to BH survive and thrive financially in your stage, in your bracket, on your path.


(coming soon)



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